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Harry Gesner: An Architect, Maverick, and Modern Adventurer Riding the Waves 0

Harry Gesner: An Architect, Maverick, and Modern Adventurer Riding the Waves

30702 HArryMalibuHouse2 thumb Harry Gesner: An Architect, Maverick, and Modern Adventurer Riding the Waves
Harry Gesner and crew working on the Sandcastle House, his home on the Malibu Coastline, which was finished in 1970. All images provided by Harry Gesner/Lisa Stoddard unless otherwise noted.

To grasp how 90-year-old Harry Gesner, Malibu’;s maverick modern architect, designs buildings, it helps to understand that while homes are his career, they’;re far from his life. The man was nearly born surfing; taught by lifeguards riding big balsa boards near his childhood home in Oxnard, California, it became his passion. The practice both saved his life—when the former soldier’;s boat landed on Omaha Beach during WWII, he used a surfing move, duck diving, to dodge enemy fire—and influenced the design of his most famous building, the copper tile-crested Wave House, which he first sketched on the back of a surfboard with a grease pencil. While he was forced to give up surfing a few years ago, Gesner still keeps a rack of boards near the beachfront behind his Malibu home, as if poised to take advantage if his situation changes. Read More

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Bright, White and Modern Home on the Mediterranean

a28f2 architecture modern residence3 Bright, White and Modern Home on the Mediterranean08023 Architects completed the design and development of Casa Herrero in Barcelona, Spain. The 3-story, 5,300-square-foot modern home has a home-automation system that can be controlled by smartphone.

A straightforward geometry defines the exterior of the residence, a series of white rectangular volumes. The swimming pool extends the theme of the covered veranda; both spaces, also surrounded in white, feature LED lighting that can be changed according to the owners’; preferences. Read More

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Great Nail Polish Storage Solutions That Will Ease Your Life

Hey my dear ladies! How are you? For right now, I have a really interesting post that is referred to as “Awesome Nail Polish Storage Solutions That Will Ease Your Life”. Are you excited? I would love to know exactly where do you place these little things that we can not reside without having. When I’m bored, I typically polish my nails, what about you? Yesterday, I noticed that nail polishes are all more than my house and I cannot even locate them when I have a require of them. So, I searched the Net and for right now I rounded up 18 clever and quite exciting tips that will blow your thoughts and make you organize your nail polishes quickly. Let’s take a appear at these suggestions and draw some inspiration. You may uncover some nail polish storage options that will fit your demands and style perfectly. Take pleasure in and have entertaining! Read More

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What To Do With Your Spare Room

At some point throughout your life, you could discover yourself facing a difficult challenge. You have a spare space and you just do not know what to do with it. A totally fledged guest space appears like a waste for the one particular week a year your parents come to pay a visit to, and so does a dining area, as let’s be truthful, most of your meals probably take place with a plate balanced on your knees in front of the television. Alright, so perhaps challenge is slightly also sturdy a word for this exact situation, but it is nonetheless a circumstance you may possibly uncover oneself in at some point or other. Regardless of whether you have upgraded your living predicament, or the youngsters have flown the nest, here are some concepts on what to do with your spare area. Read More