Celebrity Real Estate: Tom Cruise Lists Ranch with No Secret Bunker for $59M

Thursday, October 30, 2014, by Spencer Peterson
48bff TomCruiseallegedlyplanningbuild10millionXRV1SmUoTLKl Celebrity Real Estate: Tom Cruise Lists Ranch with No Secret Bunker for $  59MPhoto via Zimbio

Actor and mid-to-high-level Scientologist Tom Cruise, who despite all that he has become in the eyes of his viewing public, still has few equals in terms of sheer “screen presence,” has listed his Telluride, Colorado, home and the 298 acres it sits on for $ 59M. The Wall Street Journal article reporting this news makes no mention of the self-contained underground bunker Cruise was alleged to be building under the home, to protect his family from “alien attacks,” so unless that is what the Journal means by “recreation room,” it’;s probably safe to say he didn’;t build that self-contained underground bunker. The listing is not yet live, so of photos means that there’;s no way to properly vicariously pierce this Cruise sanctum (which is one of many) quite yet. That is, unless you allow yourself a trip back in time, to when Oprah did just that. Read More

40 Of The Most Unusual and Bizarre Furniture Designs You Have Ever Seen

What is the first thing you take into consideration when you go on a furniture shopping spree? Is it style, design or the level of comfort and practicality? Nowadays design means more than satisfying the primary needs of the consumer, and the product design has overcome so many boundaries set in the past that you can not find a style line anymore in this industry. One would say that today’s products have adapted to the taste and needs of all types of people and that there is a design right for everyone. And while we can not argue with that, we strongly believe that a designer should transmit something through its piece and that he should always have in mind the customer. Of course, we are not talking here about avangardist designer who create new products just for the pure art of design itself and not for the purpose of selling their objects. The following collection features objects from both spheres that can be considered at least controversial if not utterly bizarre and weird. We invite you to a world where boundaries do not exists and imagination has gone beyond your craziest dreams: 40 Of The Most Unusual and Bizarre Furniture Designs You Have Ever Seen. Read More

Val Stefani Spring 2015 Bridal Collection

Divine, divine, divine! Classic elegance is oozing out of every single single wedding dress in Val Stefani Spring 2015. I have to admit, I’;m possessing a full-on I-want-I-was-nevertheless-a-bride moment proper now due to the fact thanks to this designing sister duo who perform collectively from start to finish on each and every gown to bring us fierce feminine aesthetic that is the inspiration behind this gorg array of wedding dresses. Scroll down and expect to see eye-catching elements like crystal embellishments, intricate beading, lace information and classic, yet sophisticated silhouettes.
val stefani spring f Val Stefani Spring 2015 Bridal Collection wedding ideas Read More