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21 Super Cool DIY PVC Pipe Projects Worth Realizing

Creativity has no limits. Simple elements like PVC pipes have been the foundation of numerous DIY Projects in the past yet the collection that follows contains 21 super cool DIY PVC Pipe Projects like no other, projects mainly envisioned for children, projects that take advantage of the lightweight structure of the pipe and its durability to shape items that share knowledge, items that bring happiness, laughter, pure joy. Read More

40 Dining Room Ideas That Caught Our Eye At Milan 2016 0

40 Dining Room Ideas That Caught Our Eye At Milan 2016

A dedicated dining room is increasingly becoming an afterthought for most homeowners, with open-plan spaces replacing the traditional, formal dining space with more open settings that encourage interaction between family members. Others are finding new ways to combine the dining experience with the kitchen to create a larger ‘social zone’, even as the once-exclusive dining room is being transformed into a home office or media room. Simply put, the modern dining room seems to be in a constant state of flux, making it one of the hardest to design. Thankfully, we have an event like Salone del Mobile 2016 to give us the lowdown on all the latest trends! Read More

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5 Home Decor Subscription Boxes We Love And You Will Too

These days, monthly subscriptions are all the rage and subscription boxes for home decor are no exception. Whether you love a more minimalist look or if you’re a traditionalist at heart, we wanted to find the subscription service for you. We’ve compiled a list of 5 decor-centric subscription boxes regardless of your personal style or budget.    Read More

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The Classic & Modern Fabric Sofas Of Moya

The collection of upholstered furniture from Moya features a diverse collection of modern to classically influenced sofas that caught our eye here at Furniture Fashion. The designers have been so clever in their approach when combining a few of life’s necessities like a place to sit, a place to lay down, a lamp and a table for the Lone model shown here in bright blue. As you will see from the various styles, they cover a wide selection of styles from the soft lines of a roll arm to the stark straight lines of ultra-modern. Take a look at the entire collection that includes a wide selection of compliments, arm chairs, wall units and a variety of center and side tables. Read More

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Hegel Street Apartment In Mexico City: Full Of Color And Character

There is absolutely no doubting the fact that your home should reflect who you are, your taste, choices in art and needs to clad in a style that you are comfortable with. This was precisely the message passed on to Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop by the young graphic designer, who is homeowner of this vivacious and bold Hegel Street Apartment in Polanco, Mexico City. The existing fetaures of the apartment were completely altered to reflect the more ‘vibrant lifestyle’ of the new resident with captivating splashes of color and textural contrast leading the way in the living room. Read More