The Best Bed Pillow: Sleep Soundly on Freshome’s Top Pick

0924e bestpillow2 The Best Bed Pillow: Sleep Soundly on Freshome’s Top Pick

Sleep is a beautiful thing. In the warmth and comfort of your own bed, sleep can help you stay healthy, improve mental dexterity and recharge for whatever tomorrow holds. While finding your perfect mattress is essential to a good night’s rest, it’s all for naught without a great pillow to rest your head. Read More


Intimate Garden Wedding

After almost 8 years in a long-distance connection, Maddie and Adam have been married in their hometown of Virginia Beach surrounded by their closest pals and family. To say that their wedding and marriage was worth the wait would be an understatement! One of their favourite experiences is dining outdoors in the summertime, so they decided on an al fresco feel for their outdoor reception at The Francis Land Residence. Their households have been involved in each and every aspect of the organizing process from contributing antique handkerchiefs to oyster shell place cards and handmade oak wedding wands. Adam is a chemist and an avid property brewer, so the couple even produced their personal beverages! In lieu of floral centerpieces, tables underneath the tent featured greenery garlands on extended household-style tables. The crowning touch? A luscious cake from Jaime’s Bakeshop, who had been generating the cakes for Adam’s household celebrations for as long as he can remember. Each moment of this heirloom day is exquisite and beautifully captured by Nikki Santerre! Read More


Terrace Is Ingeniously Lowered to Let Light Into London Home

44275 architecture family residence Terrace Is Ingeniously Lowered to Let Light Into London HomeThis light, bright London home was envisioned by Scenario Architecture. The Gransden Avenue project was designed to allow a family of 3 to interact within a flexible, engaging environment. But it didn’;t quite start out that way.

“The site was challenging, as it is part of a terrace that opens out to a hard landscaped internal community space” and parking lot, the architects said. “The key elements of our brief were to utilize daylight as much as possible while maintaining a warm living space, and to have a green area that can be seen from the living room.”
44275 design modern residence8 Terrace Is Ingeniously Lowered to Let Light Into London Home“By lowering and glazing a section of the roof terrace, we were able to create a rooftop garden that can be enjoyed from the kitchen and living areas,” they said. “We also provided a central core to the house that lets light penetrate down to the first floor while creating a continuous flow through the second level.” Read More