20 Inventive Ways To Transform Your Attic In A Youngsters Bedroom

Many instances the attic is a room seldom utilized by home owners. An attic is like a blank canvas in which you can design however you please. A wonderful way to use this usually overlooked space would be for a children’s bedroom. The attic is really the distinctive space in which your child can develop up in. Employing the attic a bedroom would allow for extra living space. Utilizing the attic as an further room normally raises the value of a property and usually instances has a excellent return on investment. Read More


Mid century rental Weaving House, Lakeland, Florida

This Mid century rental in Lakeland, Florida is a superb example of MCM. Most of us that are mid century fans would look at this house and say to ourselves “this is a rental?” or at let I did. It would definitely be a way for someone to experience the full effect of living in a “perfect” mid century house with amazing furnishings. “This home located in Lakeland Florida is part of the lesser known Sarasota School of mid-century architecture. Developed and founded by famed architects Paul Rudolph, Gene Leedy and Mark Hampton, they were the vanguard of a thriving east coast architectural movement that closely mirrored the Case Study projects on the west coast.” Read More

12 Light Fittings Tips and Ideas That Will Enhance Your Home Beautifully Today

Have you ever walked into a simple home and wondered about the aesthetics that makes the place so awe-inspiring? There are the furnishings that may look spectacular, there is the large comfortable sofa,  the big 50-inch television, or the nicely tiled marble floors that may impress first hand but while all of these are great and do add a certain appeal to the home, the aspect that will really dictate the look and feel both inside and outside of the home is the use of lighting. If you want your home to look modern, trendy or quaint, there are ranges of lighting options that will help you get the desired look and feel in your home by complementing the natural light sources in an extraordinary manner. It is wise to work with homebuilders that are experienced in light fitting design or you can start your own DIY Project if you have experience and knowledge in this area but please be cautious as the installing of the end result, the light fixture, can be dangerous. Read More


Modern River House in Lithuania Contrasting Natural Surroundings

d3fdc Striped River House by GYZA Modern River House in Lithuania Contrasting Natural Surroundings

Having a modern river house is like making peace with both nature and technology. This particular modern river house is located on the banks of the Neris River, in Lithuania’;s Vilnius County. Spreading over 226 square meters, this house was imagined and built from the ground up by GYZA. Having the bedrooms and guest room on the ground floor made it easier to build the social spaces on higher ground to take in all the light. The living area was thus imagined as a social space where people meet the relaxing visual effect of nature. Read More