25 Creative DIY Wall Art Projects Under $50 That You Should Try

The walls of our home are like a blank canvas ready to be painted. They define a room’s personality, style and says tons about its owner. Designing a wall can be tricky and most of the time requires a specialist if you don’t feel confident enough in your own skills and ideas. But we believe that a professional design lacks that particular individuality and style only you can add to your room. Colors, textures, materials are all defining and can wreck or empower any room of your home. Bold accents are an often used theme in most interior designs and architects love a statement black wall to draw attention and to center he design scheme around it. We have previously featured The Black Wall – A Bold Statement in Interior Design as a little insight into the process of creating and having a black wall in your house. Today we’ll be featuring 25 Creative DIY Wall Art Projects for Under $ 50 that will add a pop of color to any of your walls without becoming too exaggerated and overwhelming the rest of the design ensemble. Paper butterflies, hearts, string projects, wallpaper, typing, button ideas all offer a small glimpse on how diverse this subject can be with a little bit of imagination. Read More